• The company operates its highest quality standard by providing a professional transport management service.
  • Cost effective solutions are provided in order to meet the agreed requirements of its customers as well as fulfill its responsibilities towards its employees, the environment and the public at large.
  • Senior management is committed to establish and implement for the offices and the transport management meeting customer expectations as defined in charter-parties and management agreements.
  • The company invests in long-term customer relation based on trust and mutual concern over society’s welfare and development by ensuring the timely and in-depth processing and resolving of any customers complaints.
  • It coordinates the identification of representative client and their valued opinion.
  • It develops and implementing document and controlled processes.
  • It improves it management system and operational responsiveness continuously.
  • It establishes and pursues responsible and measurable objectives and performances targets through developing employee quality orientation through effective training.
  • The senior management of the company through the appointed management representative ensures that the quality policy is communicated and understood by all employees, the senior management will also continually assess the quality policy to evaluate is suitability and use.


  • The company is committed to providing healthy and safe working conditions, through the implementation of policies and procedures that comply with national and international regulations and relevant standards and guidelines.
  • The company has established a management system which maintains safe and healthy work environment by preventing loss of a human life and physical injuries.
  • Continuous improvement in safety skills of personal ashore and onboard plans for emergencies.
  • The company’s operates practices are to maintain a management structure committed and accountable for the prevention of work related incidents through appropriate planning and promotion of high safety standards. The company continuously monitors all safety aspects of the fleet as a part of an overall commitment to excellence in providing a safe and healthy working environment.
  • The company encourages the commitment of all employees towards high standards of health, safety and pollution free environment responsible for implementation and review. Prime responsibilities lie with the designated person.
  • The head of SQE has ultimate responsibility for all health, safety and pollution prevention matters.



The company’s HSE policy is to:

  • Have systematic approach to HSE management in order to ensure compliance with the law ad and achieve continuous improvement.
  • Set targets for improvement; and measure, appraise and report on performance.
  • Provide and maintain safe, secure and good working conditions for all the employees and drivers and provide them all related and required information, HSE training and supervision maintain its record so that company’s objectives can be achieved.
  • Require its employees, customers and drivers to manage HSE in line with the policy and comply fully with all the laws of the public authorities in the safety regulations and standards.
  • Include HSE performance, as appropriate, in the appraisal of employees and rewards accordingly.
  • Ensure protection and safe operation of equipment and vehicles.



We have formulated a new driver recruitment policy for every new driver to be recruited by the company. It is the responsibility of the company and transport owner to follow the following policy at their best.
The policy is that every new driver should:

  • Have minimum age of 25 years and maximum age of 50 years,
  • Have a valid HTV driving license. PSV license in is an added advantage,
  • Have a minimum experience of 5 years including 2-3 years driving heavy vehicles,
  • Have a minimum middle education or should be able to read, write and speak Urdu,
  • Matriculation or above will be preferred,
  • Should not be an alcoholic and or a drug addict,
  • Possess sound health and medical fitness,
  • Possess a good moral character,
  • Have references from former employees/employers.


We understand the importance of the employees and drivers state of health. We also recognize that their health can affect their ability to perform the job successfully and their future employability. Therefore, the company desires that all of its employees be free from the dependency of alcohol and drugs. The company requires that employees and drivers should have an enlightened attitude towards physical and behavioral discords resulting from the use of drugs or alcohol.

The company’s policy is:

  • All the employees and drivers either working in the office or outside the office, should be free from the addiction of drugs and alcohol,
  • If it is noticed that any employee or driver has consumed any drugs or alcohol meaning check, the employee may be subject to disciplinary actions,
  • The company will not permit any individual to use alcohol drugs on its premises or on job,
  • If this help and assistance fail and behavior remain unaffected, alcohol or drug dependency will lead ultimately to termination of the employment.



All drivers and employees using the vehicles on company’s behalf must fasten their seat belts at all times in order to have a safe journey.



All drivers and employees using the vehicles on company’s behalf must fasten their seat belts at all times in order to have a safe journey.